Survivors of Depression in Transition

Peer support for women experiencing depression and other mental distress in Sheffield

We have qualified and student integrative counselling which provides a holistic approach , and we aim to see people as soon as we can when other providers can have closed waiting lists.

We can also become full , but strive to support as best as we can in a safe , friendly environment. The link below explains in a little more detail our therapy & therapeutic holding service.

Integrated Therapy

call 0114 2421700 or email

Therapeutic Holding Service

A new service ran on a one-to-one basis in person or over the phone.

Ran in a therapeutic space to support people who need to talk, even if this isn’t necessarily therapy.


Crinkly Alpaca & Up-Beak Duck

 On a road to recovery

You meet people on the way

Counsellors, they come and go

There’s so much more to say

Everyone works differently

Depending on where you’re at

They soon adapt with where you are

As you open up this & that


The journey requires much stamina

An open mind, such strength

No pain, no gain, it seems to touch

As you unravel pain at length

You see, it’s entirely up to you

To put in what you give

To get you through the hills ahead

To help you breathe & live


There are ups and downs

And ideas to get you through

Coping strategies are taught

But the core is up to you

With each stage, you start

To find your real, true me

Not ever an easy task at all

But that “REAL” is meant to be

It takes a special counsellor

To guide you on your road

To help drive you to your destiny

And help you lift that load


A cuppa awaits me in that room

And it time for “me time” sharing

A little crinkly bear and duck,

A snuggly blanket, CARING.


There are special people who touch your life

And just want what’s best for you

And you are one of those people

In everything you do!

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