Survivors of Depression in Transition

Peer support for women experiencing depression and other mental distress in Sheffield

Integrated Therapy

There are numerous different types of therapies accessible to those of us that believe we would benefit from talking about how we feel, our mental journey through life & our quest for good mental health. For many people this will involve seeing a counsellor.

As with anything else it’s very often the case that one size does not fit all and therefore CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) may work for one person and not for another. Certain aspects of it may work when combined with areas of another type of therapy.  Within each classification of therapy there are tools used by the therapist to fit an individuals’ needs and in integrated therapy these tools are brought together from the different branches to make a tree of their own that will fit the specific needs of each client.   We believe that the therapy should fit the person not the other way around which is why we have a more holistic & person centred approach.


Therapeutic Holding

It isn’t always the case that someone can be provided with 1-1 therapy straight away. This is unfortunate and may be due to a variety of reasons but that can feel frustrating to the person that’s waiting to be seen.  Therapeutic holding can offer a valuable space for that person to talk to someone about how they are and what’s happening with their mental health whilst they’re awaiting their counsellor.

It doesn’t offer any therapy but it can be therapeutic in itself and allows someone to express their thoughts and feelings and know that they won’t upset anyone or be judged. A cuppa and a chat can often be more helpful than we realise especially if a chocolate biscuit is involved too 😉.  They do say it’s good to talk and so the ‘holding’ is available to anyone either waiting for therapy or simply wanting to ‘clear their head’ but don’t feel able to do this in a group setting such as the drop-ins.

Remember….. when you’re feeling down and out, lift your head up and shout…


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