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Peer support for women experiencing depression and other mental distress in Sheffield

Co-Production in a Covid 19 world

In February we held our first ‘exploration of co-production’ workshop at The Circle with nearly a full house of attendees.  It was a learning curve and proved to be very helpful in gauging what we think qualifies as ‘co-pro’ & how we envision it looking in the future. Then along came something called Covid-19 and everything changed….  Below is a co-pro video from one of our team who did a fantastic co-facilitation of the workshop. Chrys has also done a co-pro blog as has our founder and CEO Steph.  In an uncertain world we are hoping to resume the exploration sessions early in 2021 with a full celebration and festival in July.  In the meantime enjoy the video and blogs :-).

Chrys’s Blog.

   Stephs Blog

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