Support for women experiencing depression and  mental illness accross Sheffield & South Yorkshire

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We provide the following services:

Support Groups

A self-help (peer) group is made up of people who have personal experience of the same issue or life situation. peer support groups should not be viewed as therapy but as a place where you can receive encouragement, reassurance, support and a “listening ear”.

Survivors is a self-help group run by peers with lived experience for women who have experience of depression and all its ups and downs.

It can provide a supportive, informal environment where people can share their fears, worries and ways of coping with their depression. You will hear how each person’s experience is different but will also see that there is a common thread running through each other’s feelings and symptoms. This will allow you to support others as well as getting support for yourself. 

Coping with depression & mental illness can be a long and difficult journey but at least you’ll know you are NOT alone. 



 PEER SUPPORT GROUP – Thursday Evening group


 Peer Support Groups/sessions:

Tuesdays 12:30pm-2:30pm @ Unit 4 – Space available


Email / call the SODIT Phone 0114 2795970 for more details

Click here to see some artwork and poems produced by members of one of our support groups

Please click here for our practitoner/organisation referrals form



**New Service booklet 2024**


Body and Voice Sessions Thursday's 1.30 -3pm & Friday's 10-30 -12.00pm contact for more information

Natural Connections – contact or give us a call to join

Therapeutic Holding

Unfortunately, it is not always possible for 1:1 therapy to be immediately available due to the small nature of our charity but  this can feel frustrating. Therapeutic holding can offer a valuable space for you to talk about how you are and how your mental health is whilst you await a counsellor. It can be therapeutic to “clear your head” and to express your thoughts and feelings to someone who is listening without judgement especially if you do not feel able to do this in a group setting. This is also available to do over the phone.

A cuppa and a chat can often be more helpful than we realise, especially if a chocolate biscuit is involved too!

Integrated therapy

**Our waiting list is currently Closed for referrals as of 1st March  2024**

There are many branches of different therapies available and it’s not the case that one size fits all. Certain therapies may work for one person and not for another. Certain aspects of it may work when combined with other therapies. In integrated therapy, the therapist uses different tools from different branches of therapies to tailor the experience for the specific needs of each individual client. This flexible, 1:1 approach is beneficial for your mental journey and your quest for good mental health.

We have qualified and student integrative counselling which provides a holistic approach  and we aim to see people as soon as we can when other providers can have closed waiting lists.

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